Anonymous asked: I'm looking at going to Wellesley next fall but I really don't want to start liking girls or anything...I'd just feel uncomfortable changing and potentially living with a room mate who was into girls

One of the things about coming to college is learning to adapt to new experiences. 

Wellesley is a traditionally women’s school. That means that most students identify as women. That means that (just like at any other school) there will be students who are sexually attracted to other women. 

I came from the south and pretty homophobic parents so I say from experience that prior to college I had never met a female-identified lady-lover my own age before, but my very first best friend at Wellesley happened to be a lesbian. Certainly I had a lot of questions, as any curious person does when faced with a new experience/culture/ etc. But I was respectful. 

If your roommate is into girls, and you are not, it is perfectly okay! If your roommate is into you and you’re not, she will certainly pick up on your uninterested vibes and not embarrass herself. 

But one important thing to note is that Wellesley will not, does not make people start liking girls. Some people come to Wellesley confident in their sexuality; some come open minded, experiment, and decide girls aren’t their cup of tea, or maybe they are. Some come scared and unaware of what it means to be queer and discover that queer people are no different from straight ones and just as fun to hang around. However, one of the things we love about Wellesley is that it is a diverse campus, a welcoming campus. Being roomed with someone of a differing sexual orientation from yourself will not be reason for you to change rooms. Your roommate could become a best friend; or just be someone you see every day like a sibling; but whatever your relationship, it should be cordial, on both ends. 

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